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ARASHI FICTIONS -Day 5 "It's time"

Ohno woke up with bloodshot eyes. He just slept for a few hours. He was thinking about what happened the past few days.

He recalls his mom hugging him and telling him that everything's gonna be alright.

The 2nd thought was to go to Megumi's. He changes his clothes than runs to Megumi's house.

No camera crew today. The coast was clear. He rang Megumi's doorbell.

"Ohno!" She hugs him ever so tightly. "Daijobu desu ka?" She asks with a lot of concern on her face.

He doesn't answer. He just hugs her back as tight as he can.

"Waaa.. Ohno! You're crushing me. I can't breathe! Let's talk inside."

Ohno follows Megumi's steps. They enter the house.

"Ohayou gozaimasu!" he greets Megumi's father who was sitting on the couch reading the papers.

"Oh-kun! Nice to see you!" He nods at him.

Megumi and Ohno head straight to the kitchen where they'll have more privacy.

"Ano.. I've heard the news. I have seen everything. I think...."

"Ano... I have something important to tell you..."

they both speak at the same time.

Ohno smiles and lets her speak first.

"I was thinking Ohno, let's get married now"

Her face stern and a little demanding.

"Ano.." Ohno doesn't know how to react.

"Everyone's getting in our way Ohno! It's getting too complicated. People approve, people don't approve! People.. Them! They!! How about 'us'? That's more important isn't it?!"

Ohno was shocked to hear this from Megumi.

"If you really love me, Ohno, give it up. Give everything up! I'm willing to be your support! I cant imagine life without you! Please, let's get married now."

"Megumi!" Ohno said weakly. "I can't"...

Megumi's lips were shaking, her eyes were filling up with tears. She can't speak. Her throat hurts.

"I was thinking about it last night. I can't get married. We can't get married. The guys, Megumi. If Arashi breaks up, it'll be my responsibility. I will be holding that thought, that heavy thought from here on. I don't want to fail them. I really want to stay with Arashi. They have done countless things for me. I can't throw it just like that"

"But I'm willing to give you more than what they have given you! Do you want to grow old with them?! Don't you want to have a family of your own!!?" with her voice louder, Megumi lifts a hand to touch Ohno's face.

Ohno was lost. He didn't know what to think. All he can think about was how the guys decided to resign for his sake. His heart hurt. His chest, once again, heavy with remorse.

"I can't. I love the guys.." he says finally.

Megumi lifts her hands and slaps Ohno solidly.

"After all that I've done for you?! After those things I've done for you?!! How dare you do this to me?!" Now shouting, Megumi stands up and topples the chair...


This is purely a product of my imagination. All the events posted didn't really happen. Otherwise, it's just a coincidence.
The five go home laughing heartily.

They were recalling Aiba's pants filled with Ohno's puke.

"That was disgusting, ne? I wanted to puke as well!"

Ohno smiles awkwardly. He's still thinking about the whole thing. His head was still spinning with thoughts of Arashi and Megumi.

They all go their separate ways now. No sake for tonight. Everyone's been exposed to high tension. They need rest.

Ohno wanted to rush to Megumi's house. But not tonight. He thought. He wanted to go home and just think of the things that have happened today.

At home:

Sho was so relieved because of the good news that Johnny has told them. He changed into his suit, ready to go to his news program when his phone rings. It was Yamada, his co-anchor.
"Hey, have you heard about this?" Yamada asked right away.
"Heard what?" Sho asked while pulling his tie up.
There was a slight pause.. then "Ohno-kun's pictures. There must be over 50 of them. He's in a girl's house. Are you aware of it?"
Sho's face turns pale. It had been a big deal after all! It's gonna be on the news later. He might be the one broadcasting it.

As he heads home, he passes by the large screen atop a building. It was Ohno-kun with a girl outside some house.
"Nande?!" he exclaims. "This is bad. It has become worse than I thought it would." he says to himself.
He searches for his phone then rings Nino.
"Ne Nino-kun, Ohno's on TV. I think, despite of Johnny giving us another chance, everyithing hasn't been resolved yet."

After hearing from Aiba turns the TV on. Ohno was in the news, indeed.
"Now for reaction from the fans." The reporter announces.
There were mixed reactions.
A fan said "it's okay. After all, they all deserve to be happy"
Another said "Ano... I've been a fan of Arashi for years now, I heard they were going to break up because of this."
"After that interview with fans, we saw that mostly approved of Ohno's relationship with a girl. We have here, this afternoon a sociologist who would like to share with us the implications of Ohno's actions. Good afternoon Tanaka-san.!"
The anchor motions to the man wearing glasses beside him.
"Ah, good afternoon!"
"You've seen it. Now, the question is "How do you think would this affect their popularity?"

Was also called by Aiba. He's also watching the same show.
"Well, as of the moment, fans will react positively to this. They will generally say that they don't mind and are happy for Arashi. But this will just be momentary. The reason why idols these days aren't allowed to date women is because they have this image to take care of. Right? Most of their fans are girls who are basically fantasizing of being with them. The implication of this, I must say, would be negative. Especially if the one they're going out with isn't from showbusiness."

"Are you saying that this might be the end for them?" the reporter asks.

"No, I'm not saying that conclusively."

His mom was watching something on TV. She was so engrossed in it that she doesn't notice Ohno arriving.
"What I'm saying is" the man on TV says "this might be the start of their end. That's something harsh, I know, but fans may approve of it but it's more of an inward reaction. They would be saying things that are different fom what they are showing..."

Ohno just stands behind his mom and starts watching too. He was clueless. He didn't know it was about him.

"Let's take for example Hiroshi-san, the late Japanese idol. Do you remember him?"

The reporter looks ar him like she was trying to recall but she can't, after all. "Gomen, I don't think I know him. Was he from another generation?" then she laughs a little.

The sociologist laughs along with her. "Yes, he's quite old. But to make my point, Hiroshi-san was a popular idol during his time. He was 30 when he met the girl he wanted to marry. With his stature of being an idol, his manager prohibited this kind of stuff too. So he kept it as a secret that soon leaked out because of the girl. The girl went public with their relationship. Fans reacted in such a way that they said they understood. But little by little, his fan count dropped. There were less people who went to attend his concerts. There were less people who wanted to see him in person. There were less people who wished to be seen by him hoping that he'd notice them and fall in love with them. That's how it is."

"A, is that so? If that's true, let's take a look once again how people would react to your statements"

A VTR of a survey once again. It's sho doing the narration for the poll. His face, stern.

"Now, let's ask these fans how they feel about Tanaka-san's words."
Girl1: "Hmmm.. He has a point there. I think this might affect their popularity. Maybe, He'll lose fans."
Girls2:"Makes sense. I'm jealous after all. I guess I'd better be looking for a single idol"
Girl3: "That isn't true ne! I'll still love Ohno no matter what"

Ohno can't believe what's happenning. His mother flips the channel once she realizes Ohno was home. Her eyes were red, her face stained with tears.

"So there you have it guys. Mixed reactions from our audience. Let's continue this tomorrow and see some more recations from the fans. Thank you for watching"

"CUT!" the director says. So that's it for the day!!

"Otsukare Sama deshita!!"
They all go home.

This is purely a product of my imagination. All the events posted didn't really happen. Otherwise, it's just a coincidence.

Arashi Fictions - Day 3

Ohno wakes up first. His head hurting like it was crushed by a truck and the room spinning, just like how the bar was spinning last night.

But he manages to sit up. As he sits up straight, he sees Aiba sleeping like a baby beside him. Aiba's head was on the bed. Ohno's heart hurt. Tears fell down from his eyes.

He remembered Johnny's words "we'll plan the announcement of your break up..."

On the couch, Jun was asleep with his head on the armrest. Nino's head was on Jun's shoulders while his feet were raised on the coffee table. Sho was sleeping on the chair to the left of Jun. His face covered with his cap.

Ohno wanted to bang his head on the wall. Then he remembered the break up thing again.

He closes his eyes and imagines the days when they were all high with concert spirit. That's what he loves most about Arashi. During concerts, it is overwhelming. The emotions are all good. There's a lot of love, happiness, excitement.. All good.

It's the exact opposite now. He's feeling miserable. He's lost.

He wants to run to Megumi for comfort. But he doesn't wanna leave these guys. Not going to Megumi makes him really sad. But the thought of leaving Jun, Nino, Sho, and Aiba behind pierces through his heart and kills him.

"Sou ka." he says to himself but loud enough to wake Aiba up.

"Ohnu-kun!" he's serious. When fooling around, he calls him "Oh-chan"...

Ohno smiles a bit and as Aiba stretches his body, Ohno throws up.

"ta ta ta ta!!!" Aiba shouts as puke runs down his pants...

"DISGUSTING OHNO!!!!! DISGUSTING!!!!" he shouts..

Ohno's face turns red... and says "Gomen!!! Gomen!!!" several times.

The other 3 wake up and find the scene funny. Nino laughs at Aiba's misfortune. Whil Jun goes to the bathroom and searches for a towel. He runs it through some hot water and goes out to wipe Riida's face.

Aiba ran to the bathroom to take a bath. Sho volunteers to go to the mall around the corner to buy Aiba a pair of decent pants to wear... He can't wear that smelly pants after all.

"Ne Riida! I'm going to buy you food. What do you like?" Nino asks.

Aiba answers from the bathroom and he says he wants cheeseburgers.

"Are you Riida?! I was asking Ohno! Give me money and I'll buy you cheeseburger... Then you'll pay for my cheeseburger too if I'm buying for you!" there goes stingy Nino again!!

Jun and Ohno are left in the room.. Aiba's still bathing.

Ohno: "Gomen."
Jun just looks at him and shrugs his shoulders.
Ohno: "Johnny.."
He doesn't finish his sentence. Jun stands up.
Jun: "As expected"
They both fall silent for a while.

Aiba comes out with, steam coming out from the bathroom. He looks at Ohno then at Jun. The silence made the tension rise.

Aiba: "Ne Ohno!! You do that again and I'll..."

Jun shot a piercing glare at him. Aiba, like an embarrassed chid awkwardly smiles and shuts his mouth.

Ohno: "Guys, it's okay. Arigatou gozaimashita.. Thank you for everything. It has been 8 wonderful years"

Tears run down fom Aiba's cheeks. It was more intense now than when it happened to him a year ago. He wasn't read for this. No one was. Except for Ohno. He thought. Ohno has found that person whom he can run to after Arashi's break up. But where was he to go for comfort? What's in store for him after Arashi?! He loves Arashi so much that he was willing to give up the woman he loved so much a year ago. Isn't Ohno being unfair?!

Jun throws the towel. It shocks Ohno and Aiba.

"You're so selfish aren't you!!? Haven't you realized what this will do to us?!! It's always you... It has always been you!!! Have you ever thought of us?! Have you ever considered us??! Have you realized that time when Aiba was in the same situation?! Didn't you think of giving her up for us?!!"

Then Jun was crying. Jun was hurt the most because Ohno kept it as a secret. He wasn't hurt because they were about to break up. Actually he didn't care. All he cared about was Ohno and their friendship. The break up will just be a "work break up".. But the friendship will always be there. But what will be left of the friendship after they realize that Ohno kept it as a secret. Those words he just said, he didn't mean it. He wanted to ask Ohno why he kept it as a secret.

Nino and Sho comes back and enters the room. They see Ohno with his head down, Jun standing right beside the bed and Aiba in white robe sitting on the couch just looking at the floor.

"What happened?" Sho asks.

He can tell that something happened because all the three guys were crying.

Sho gives the new pair of pants to Aiba while Nino puts the food on the coffee table and sits down. Sho stands beside Jun.

"Okay... let's talks. We're supposed to meet Johnny today. Lunchtime. Before that, let's talks" Sho said calmly.

They didn't know where to start. They all wanted to say something but they didn't know what to say.

Ohno starts. "Gomen, everyone. I failed you."

"Nande?!" Nino asks..

"Because... because of what I did.. Johnny decided to disband us." Ohno says. His voice barely audible. But everyone hears him clearly.

"No!! Nande?! Why did you keep it as a secret?! Why keep it as a secret?! Why didn't you tell us right from the start?! Didn't you trust us enough?" Nino says, his heart beating fast. He stands up and walks towards Ohno's bed, and stands beside Sho.

Jun was shocked at Nino's statement. It was what he wanted to say. He looks at Nino's face. There were no tears forming in his eyes. Nino doesn't really want to show his feelings to anybody.

Nobody moves. Ohno's legs still covered with the blanket. The 3 standing beside the bed, Nino's arms crossed over his chest, Jun's left hand on his waste, the other hanging losely beside his body, Sho with his two hands in his pocket.

Silence dominated the conversation. No one was able to talk after Nino's statements.

Then Ohno opened his mouth. But the first words were inaudible.. They can't hear what he was saying.

"Megumi. We met her at the bar. She was working there as a watiress. When I first looked at her, I noticed that she had a different aura. It was pink. When we were about to leave, I stayed behind. Didn't you notice? I took her number and email address. After that, we emailed each other and called each other everyday. Didn't you notice? I even called her during or rehearsals so often that I thought you'd notice. I was bringing obentos since we met. Didn't you notice?! She made them for me. She made them for us. Has anyone ever asked me who they're from?! Nobody." Ohno was starting to feel mad and sad at the same time.

During rehearsals, he'd excues himself and call Megumi. During rehearsals, he'd bring obentos for all 5 of them. Everybody loves the meals, but no one has ever asked who made them.

Nino looks at his feet. "I did. I didn't ask. I wanted to hear it from you.Just like how we heard it from Aiba when he went out with that girl. Just like when I told you that I emailed and called my high school friend and we went out. Just like when Sho told us that he met a girl.. Just like how Jun confessed that he was going out with Mao. Like that."

He could feel tears welling up in his eyes.

Ohno realized that it was really his mistake. He was wrong for not telling them. It has been 8 months already since he started going out with Megumi. He has already proposed. But he didn't tell anybody. Not even Nino. He knows. This would be like a dagger stabbed in their hearts. He knows he's wrong.

But Aiba suddenly speaks out. "Ne, everyone. Let's not be so hard on Riida. We all love our work, which we'll be going to lose soon. I'm pretty aware of that. Anyways, we're getting older. And I think sooner or later, we'll find that person like Megumi as well. It's just that Ohno was first. Let's just try our best not to make this thing affect our spirits. Let's make this concert dome we're supposed to be having a big success huh. Since it will be our last, as a group, we'd better make it work!!"

Those words by Aiba concluded the conversation.

Meeting with Johnny:
Ohno was filled with second thoughts. His mind was swirling with a lot of things. Aiba, Jun, Sho, and Nino. Their faces showing up in his mind. Then Megumi's. He does't want the group to break up. But he doesn't want to lose Megumi. He has decided... to declare to the public that he has broken up with her.

All five of them are seated in the conference room at JE. Sho remembers passing by some juniors at the corridors a while ago. He was just like them 8 years ago. Nino rubs his palms on his pants showing tension. Jun sits still with his legs crossed. Aiba looking at the candy box on the desk.

That candy box, the candy box Ohno would empty if he was in the mood. But he didn't empty it now. He didn't even touch it.

Johnny startles them as he opens the door. He stands in front of them.

"I guess you all know what's going to happen now. Sho, I called you the other day after your rehearsals to tell you a very important thing."

"Yes" Sho answers.

Ohno didn't look surprised at all.

"For everyone's information, I called Sho the other day to verify the magazine contents and asked him of his opinion on what shall be done. Sho didn't confirm the article. He said he knew nothing about it. He said that it was a rumor since Ohno has never introduced a girl to the group. I asked him what should be done now, so he said, he'll talk to you Nino, Aiba and Jun and consult you."

Ohno's heart hurt. Hearing those things, like he wasn't a part of the group already, it hurt.

"He came to my office just before you did, Ohno, yesterday. He was there to represent the other 3. They came up with a decision. The reason, Ohno, why your resignation was easlily accepted is because... the others have decided to resign first for your sake. They passed their resignation letters before you did, saying that they wanted you to be happy and that they have already decided on it."

Ohno looks at the others, his eyes wide with surprise. He wasn't happy. It was a bothering fact. He wanted to get their resignation letters and tear them all up and burn the letters.
He wanted to shout at them.. "BAKA!!! BAKA!!!" He wanted to hit the other members for doing such a stupid thing.

"You all know that I have been planning for a 9th anniv concert. It's a world tour this time. We have received heart warming feedbacks that you have grown quite a large fanbase around the worlds already. I thought of taking you all back to where you started, that's in Hawaii. But if this is the case, it would be such a loss for me. The things I said to you Ohno, yesterday, they weren't true. I just wanted to say so because I was a little angry that I was losing my top band. It made me feel disappointed. It made me feel like a father losing a child. "

Ohno looks at his feet. Tears won't stop falling from his eyes. His head was spinning now. He had a lot of things in mind. He wanted to say a lot of things. He stands up and kneels on his kneed. His head on the ground...

"Gomen! Sumimasen!!!" He said sobbing..

"Please take back our resignation. I will break up with Megumi. I have decided. I don't want the group to break up. Gomen!!"

Johnny held Ohno's hands and let him up.

"I have made some thinking too. I saw how you guys care for each other's sake. Last night, I was consulting some of my friends whether I'll cut your contracts off or continue it just as it is. I have decided not to accept any resignation letter from you guys for the nest 10 years or so. I will hold on to yu no matter what. Even if you lose your popularity, I'll never let you go. That's how much I think I need you in JE."

Ohno's heart weighs less now. Like all the weight has been taken off his chest. He looks up at Johnny and thanks the older guy.

The other four remain still. But generally, their faces lit up as they see Johnny's and Ohno's face lit up.

No breaking up. They're still Arashi!!

This is purely a product of my imagination. All the events posted didn't really happen. Otherwise, it's just a coincidence.

Arashi Fictions - Day 2

Ohno wakes up to the tune of their new song "Love So Sweet"...

Must be Nino again who played with his phone making his his new ring tone. But listening to it made him feel so warm inside.

He flips his cellphone open..

"Moshi moshi. Ohno desu"... then "Johnny-san! Ohayou Gozaimasu!"...

His manager's voice was a little gloomy. He didn't want the sound of "Come see me at my office before rehearsals"...

But as he was going to change out of his jammies, he sees 5 email messages on his phone. Last night, he was so tired that he fell asleep as soon as he entered his room.

The first e-mail.

From Nino:
Ne Riida! Like your new ringtone?! I know you like it! Don't make any plans with other people tonight. Let's drink sake - all five of us. If you don't come, I'll never stop calling you tranvestite general gramps!!

*Ohno sighs and smiles. He's so used to Nino's emails. It's always like this.

From Aiba:
Ohno-kun! Sake. Tomorrow night! Don't make plans with anybody else!! Let's drink to the last day of rehearsals!! Kanpai!!

*Strange. Aiba doesn't mail me much. He only mails me whenever he has some new english word to share.

From Matsujun:
Riida.. I have something for you. Let's drink up tomorrow.

*Why are they like this all of a sudden? Ohno thinks. It's really weird now.

the fourth message was the weirdest one..

From Sho:
Ohno-kun, sake tomorrow night. Let's have fun. All work and no play makes us dull boys!!

the fifth message:
From Megumi-chan:
*Ohno's heart flips. his lips spread into a smile."
Ne, Ohno-kun... Have you read the magazine today? It has a picture of the two of us when we were walking along our neighborhood. I'm afraid of what might happen after this. Someone from the magazine called me today. I didn't know how they got my number but I didn't agree to an interview. I wouldn't know what to say.

Ohno's blood rushes to his head...

Yesterday... the sudden silence... the emails... Johnny's call...

Could it be... Ohno can't shrug the thoughts out of his mind.It is the only reason...

He changes his clothes and rushes out of the house. He runs to Megumi's house.

He rings the doorbell once, then twice. No one's answering. He frantically walks around in circles and occassionally jumps up and down to see past the fence.

"Looks like nobody's home..." He searches fo rhis phone to call Megumi but he couldn't find it in any of his pockets. He must've left it.

Oblivous to this fact, 2 news teams were hiding in their vans, taking pictures of Ohno's panicky behavior.

After a few moments, Megumi pops out from the corner. Ohno runs to her and looked worried about her. Ohno holds her hand and wipes the tears from her eyes. He could feel his tears running down his face.

An hour later, Ohno comes out of Megumi's house. The savage reporters took pictures of him and Megumi as Megumi waved goodbye. Just like husband and wife as the husband leaves for work. Not an upfront attack. It seems more realistic this way.. The reporters were thinking. Cnadid celebrity pictures are the best ones. There's a lot of truth in it..

Ohno rushes to Johnny's office. He knocks on the door twice and comes in...

"Excuse me. you wanted to talk to me? What about?" Ohno asked without pausing.

Johnny looks up at him, his expression was quite glum.

"Hai. Take a seat. Here, I have your favorite candy. Help yourself."

Ohno doesn't move an inch. He refuses to take from the box of sweets he'd usually empty when he's in the mood..

But now, he isn't. And so is Johnny.

"Well, to tell you frankly Ohno.. Arashi has been under m management for 8 years already. Quite a long tme already right? And right now, you know that I'm handling several groups like KAT-TUN, NEWS, and HSJ... You are all good.. But with the rate at which things are going I'm not impressed with your group anymore. It's not about the performance. But it's about the image I want you to have. Haven't you realized yet why I specifically told you...." he cuts himself off as if trying to find the right words to say...

Ohno butts in..

"Demo, I love her. I'm willing to give up my career for her... Just today I have proposed to her. She accepted it."

He digs into his pocket and hands Johnny an envelop.

"There, a resignation letter. I don't care about Arashi anymore. I don't want to be an Arashi anymore. I want to be free."

Johnny's mood drops. He seems angry now. But restrains himself..

"Very well then, Satoshi-kun. I think it can't be helped. I'll have a formal meeting with you guys tomorrow to settle these things... We'll be planning the annuoncement for your break up the day after." Johnny dismisses the conversation just like that.

Without any words, he made Ohno leave the room.

Ohno was still a bit shocked and down because of that thing that happened.

The memories of him with Arashi rushed into his mind... He can't stop the tears fom falling fom his eyes. He goes straight to the men's washroom and washes his face.

5:00 pm
His phne rings. It's Nino. "Moshi moshi".. he picks it up.
Nino's high pitched voice on the other line. "Riida! Where are you? We're supposed to meet up for sake tonight! Don't tell me you forgot!!

Riida answers with a slur "Shake... I'm already here... I was hick! Wating for you guys!"...

"You're drunk already!! Where are you? We'll come get you."

Nino calls the others and they all go to Ohno...

At the bar:
Ohno was slumped on a table with 3 emptied bottles of alcohol and 5 emptied tall glasses. He wasn't asleep but he can't barely open his eyes.

Nino runs to him.. "What's your problem, man!?"

"You knew..." Ohno answers.

Matsujun looks at Aiba and Sho.. then goes to Riida and helps Ohno up. He takes one arm and hangs it over his shoulder while Sho runs to take the other side. Ohno's body goes upright but his head sags down like an old vegetable.

Aiba looks at Riida's state. His face so worried. Nino goes to pay for all that Ohno had drunk. *Huwaa?!*

They all take Riida to a hotel. They spend the night in the hotel. They take turns wiping Ohno's forhead with cold water and watching over him coz he might wake up and attempt to do something stpuid...

Ohno while sleeping:
Sho watching over him:
Ohno: "Megumi-chan.. megu.. megu-chan.. iie..."
Sho thinks to himself... "Megumi-chan?!! That girl we met at that bar?"

Matsujun watching over him:
Jun looks at the leader's state. He just stares while sitting still in his chair. He observes Ohno as if it's the first time he's ever seen Ohno..

Nino watching over him:
Plays with his Nintendo but can't concentrate. He closes his toy and rubs his face with his palm. He's sleepy bu he doesn't wanna go to sleep. He wants to be there for Ohno. Ohno's his closest friend. No matter what happens, that'll be the case.

Aiba watching over him:
Why did you do it Ohno? I remember you saying just a month ago, you're so happy with what Arashi has achieved. And that you won't trade it with anything. But how come you've done this? How come you've decided to choose her over us?

They all fall asleep.

This is purely a product of my imagination. All the events posted didn't really happen. Otherwise, it's just a coincidence.

Arashi Fictions - Day 1

Warning, this is purely a product of my imagination. Everything written in here is not true or may just be a concidence if it is actually true.

This is Arashi's fictional diary. Enjoy reading you guys and feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Day 1:
After a battery of rehearsals for yet another dome concert..

"Gaa! I'm tired" says Matsujun yawning loudly. "I didn't have enough sleep last night"
He sees Aiba sitting near the window and looking out.
"Aiba-chan! What are you doing?! You look like a fool there."

Aiba laughs heartily "Baka janai!! I'm just looking at the people passing by."

Matsujun peeks out and sees not much people walking past the window.

"Haaa? There aren't any interesting people to look at. You're just beginning to be your dramatic self again."

Plops on the couch and grabs a magazine. He flips through the pages like he was just looking for interesting pictures.

Flip.. flip.. flip... until a familiar face pops out of the magazine.

"Eeeeeeh?! Ohno-kun?! Ne, Aiba! Ohno-kun is in the magazine!"

It's quite weird that Ohno was in a magazine and they weren't aware of it.

Aiba rushes to Jun's side and takes the magazine away from Jun.

"Let me read! You might mistake the kanji in that.."

Matsujun says sarcastically and grabs the magazine back.

"Huwaaaa! It's another one of those rumors! It's more of a scandal than a harmless rumor."

"A!! Kore!!" Aiba points to the bottom part of the magazine. There was this little picture of Ohno holding a girl's hand.

"Waaaa! Nani kore?!" Matsujun exclaims.

As far as they know, no secrets among Arashi members. They knew everything about each other. They had to know everything about each other. This, Ohno with a girl, is bad news..

Reading their thoughts:

Ohno! Baka! Careless. So careless. Johnny told us how many times already that we should be careful. Now what?! I'm worried about what Johnny may do to you. He may cut your contract off. If he does that, we aren't going to continue the contract anymore too.

He has already warned Aiba! Now you...

That picture of Ohno-kun is boithering me. The last time I was exposed to this scandal, Johnny almost kicked me out of the group. I almost lost the job I loved most.

What will Johnny do to Ohno if he finds out about the girl?

Who is that girl.

I was swimming in my thoughts when Nino and Ohno burst into the room laughing.

I was hoping it was another "Ni no Arashi" prank. I was waiting for Nino's peace sign with that piece of paper between his fingers. But he just laughed and laughed and laughed.

My heart was beating so fast. I wanted to confront Ohno right away. I wanted to ask him who the girl was. I wanted to tell him that he's so careless!!

We all know Johnny. Lately, Johnny's not too happy with us. He's got a lot of new talents. We're getting old. We are in great danger. Ohno is in great danger.

There was this Obasan who came up the stage and hit me with her umbrella. "Okashi deshyo?". No one has ever done that to me. Except Sho when we all started.

I thought it was yet another prank from Nino. But it wasn't. It was too funny though. Nino was touching my butt and this old woman rushes towards me just to hit me with her umbrella and dash off like that.

When I looked at Nino he was like "haaa?!" and his eyes were pinned on the woman. (Who was already on her way out of the studio"

"Nande?" Nino asks me.

"I don't know!" I tell him and we both laugh.

It was like laughing gas. So we went back to the rest room laughing.

Riida and I are practicing another Ohmiya SK skit. It's fun right? It's always fun when I'm wih Ohno. He's my number one idol. I love sticking to him and copying everything.

But his picture always pops into my mind. The one that I saw in the magazine this morning. I just finished the game I was playing then I wanted to see the latest rumors about Japanese artists. I see Ohno's picture with a girl. I kept quiet since then. I just looked at Ohno while he was sketching something.. or someone.. That happened this morning.

But this old lady.. she made me forget about the news. She was really funny hitting leader like that. I was shocked when I saw it happen. Out of the blue, she appears and hits Ohno with an umbrella.

These two always have the energy to make fun of everything. We're going back to the rest room. I'm still bothered why Johnny gave me a call this morning. He sounded so serious. I wonder what's it about. I hope it's not bad news.

Haa.. Matsujun and Aiba are already resting. Has Aiba eaten already? Maybe they are waiting for us.

Off to what's happening:
Ohno, Nino, and Sho enter the rest room. Jun and Aiba look up at Ohno with worried eyes. But Ohno kept laughing.
"He doesn't know anything" Jun thinks to himself.

Aiba felt tears welling up in his eyes. It was overly dramatic, but he didn't want Ohno to undergo the same things he went through when his relationship with "that girl" was publicized. He knows Ohno very well and he knows leader may not take it as lightly as he did.

Nino noticed the magazine held by Jun. He stops laughing and looks at the two right into their eyes like saying "I know.. but not now.. let's not.. not now"...

Sho's phone rings. "Ah.. Dare" as he picks it up and answers "Moshi Moshi. Sakurai Sho desu"..

It was Johnny on the other line sounding rather gloomy.

At first Sho was a little excited talking to Johnny. His facial expression changed from a smile to a frown in an instant. His voice becomes less audible.. "Sumimasen!" he excuses himself from the guys and walks out the room to talk to Johnny.

Riida looks at all of them. "Nande?!" He asks with a hesitant smile.

Jun says "betsuni"...

No one talks. Everyone has turned gloomy as they headed home. They weren't talking on the bus. Jun was trying to sleep but he can't. Aiba was perfectly still in his seat. Sho was staring into space. Nino was fiddling with his DS. Ohno was looking with worried eyes at the 4 guys.

to be continued...

This is purely a product of my imagination. All the events posted didn't really happen. Otherwise, it's just a coincidence.

Mountain Woods Feedback

Swimming time nanaman. Mahapdi pa ang balat ko mula sa sunburn. Anyways, para to sa mga taong maghahanap ng mga matutuluyan sa Subic at baka maging isa sa choices nila ang Mountain Woods.

- If you're out to get some rest and you're looking for a quiet place, Mountain Woods would be a very good choice. They accommodate just a few people so konti lang ang tao talaga. If it's a more private get away that you want, then it would be a perfect place. It would be just you and mother nature. The words that can describe this place would be tranquil, quiet, peaceful, and serene. And napakapretty nung place.

- If you're into swimming, this place won't be a very good choice. The "infinity pool" just looks like an infinity pool and it's not overlooking an ocean. It's overlooking an area of greens. Besides, nalalaglag na yung steel na hagdan nung swimming pool. Free din ang entrance sa Whiterock demo you need to have a car with you para makarating dito at makapunta sa Whiterock coz Whiterock is quite far.
- Aside from the words I've used above to describe the place, pwede ko ring magamit yung creepy and eerie. The place looks like a ghost zone. May puno ng Balete sa likod, which made the place look scarier. And when my companions went out for dinner, I was left alone, natakot ako. I just can't fight yung antok ko so I decided to stay and fight the fear.

General Assessment:
I don't really like the place. I don't recommend it especially to those who are looking for a fun summer get away. Maski sa mga balak magrelax lang, hindi pa din sya yung best place na mapupuntahan.

* may kasama akong nawalan ng money dun, hindi lang kami sure what really happened pero patay na din yung tv nila paggising nila. pwedeng nakatimer yung tv, or may sensor pero malay natin*

This is purely a product of my imagination. All the events posted didn't really happen. Otherwise, it's just a coincidence.